Problem with Bizagi-ear-JBOSS.ear while deploying into JBOSS folder

I have installed Bizagi Engine in a Linux enviorement using JBOSS server to deploy the process. I have done all the configurations on the server in order to deploy the portal in JBOSS. I have generated the corresponding Bizagi-ear-JBOSS.ear using the createproject and predeploy commands using the Bizagi Engine Console.

The problem happens when I want to deploy this file into the JBOSS deploy folder. I cannot see the deployement in the Administrator Console of JBOSS.

Finally, when I run the file in order to see what is happening I got some warnings and the next error:


It seems to be a problem with a dependency or library called "PARSE".

Please, help me with that.

PD: I have configured JBOSS in standalone mode

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Dear Geovanny,

It seems that Bizagi Console scripts have invalid characters due to all script files were generated based on a different OS that causes parse errors in execution time. Please apply the following command to the script files contained in the Bizagi Console JEE (\BizagiJEE\BizagiConsoleManagerJEE\bin) then predeploy/publish Bizagi over again.

Command: sed -i -e 's/\r$//'