Why does the back button delete and disable the forward button?

back button deletes work just done and forward doesn't appear (disabled), causes loss of information


Dear Katherine de la Torre

IE and other browser retain form's contents on a back button click automatically, as long as the form fields in question weren't dynamically created by script.

The fields are created by Bizagi from a on load script, so when you use the back and forward buttons, the browser has no way of knowing that the new field is ‘the same’ as the old instance, so it can't fill it in with the previously-submitted value. In this case if you want to use with the back button you have to start storing data on the client, using the Bizagi's Next Button.

You can store temporarily your data using your save button, then, Bizagi saves your information in a Scope, until you use the next button. in this the moment the information is stored into the database.

best regards