What authentication values are expected for deploy to production?

Using BizAgi Xpress on my Windows XP desktop, trying to perform Step 7 Deploy to Production.

The production environment (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, SP1) has Xpress installed as a production environment (IIS 7) is up and running, waiting for the first project. I can access the production site through the browser and it displays the message: There are no applications defined.

I can also access this server through Remote Desktop.

The user id is in Administrator and Bizagi groups. And I have suspended the firewalls on both the desktop and server.

I've tried every combination of Login/Password/Domain I can think of (including using the IP address) and always get the message: No such host is known. Can you provide a little more detail on what values are expected here. I have read the articles:

  • How to make a deployment to test
  • How to make a deployment to production

Please be as specific as possible. Thanks.


Dear Greg,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

A member of our support team will contact you.

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Hi Juan/Bizagi Staff

Can you please outline the resolution to the original question in this thread? I'm having the same issue.

While I appreciate individual problems may be dependent on an individual's environment, too many threads in these community forums end in "A member of our support tam will contact you", leaving it difficult to resolve these issues through the community interactions. Closing out each thread with its resolution will no doubt reduce the amount of direct hands-on effort required by Bizagi staff and allow the community to resolve questions sooner.

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Dear Sam,

Most of cases where we have contacted a user are because we required further information in order to reproduce the issue like a database of the project. Other cases like this, the user is client because he has already a licence to have a production environment. For those people, we recommend to our especial place where clients and partners can create and follow tickets. For further information:

To answer this question, there are some articles where explain step by step. Please check out these articles:

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Hi Juan, thanks for your reply.

To help the community forum, did the original problem in this thread come to a successful resolution? If so, could you please post the outcome to aid the rest of the readers who encounter the same problem? The links you've provided do not relate to the problem posted.

I've been able to work through some of the issue today and get the local development Studio development tool to overcome the "No such host is known" error. I replaced the Test server machine name with its static IP address to get past that first error. I was then able to authenticate against the Test server in the deployment wizard by also using the IP address as the user's domain (as it is a Windows user profile on the Test server).

I'll post an outcome if I get it fully deployed and am able to work through the issue end-to-end. In the meantime, it would be great to hear of the initial post's outcome if it was resolved successfully to help out.

Kind thanks.


Dear Sam,

If you like, you can send us further information like screenshots in order to give you a right answer. Sometimes, when one wants to deploy a project to a remote server, the remote server needs to have authorization in Administrator and Bizagi groups. Also, need to have the Bizagi Operation Standard Services up in both machines: Development and Test/Production environments.


For further information:



Hi All

I managed to deploy successfully after determining the issue to be a firewall problem on the Test server. I am using a named instance in SQL Server, so I had to add SQLBROWSER.EXE to the exceptions in the firewall. Once I did that, substituting the IP address for the server name in both the address paths and the user's domain allowed the deployment wizard to progress.

Juan, thanks for your efforts and responses in this matter.

Kind regards.