Under Consideration

Visually indicate objects containing attribute information (versus those without)

I use the free version 2.7. I find it very useful for communicating with other teams and regularly publish flows to the company intranet (using publish web function).For the process objects in my flows, I usually only add attribute details for the key steps. In a meeting, I will present using the web version and click on the task or event to display its attributes for discussion.If there was a visual way to indicate which process objects have attribute information versus those that are empty, it would be very helpful. In other words, I would like a simple way to look at the flow and distinguish which objects have further information in the attributes and which do not. As an author this would help me track my documentation progress by showing which items don't have any information in their attributes.As a reader or browser of the process library on the intranet, being able to see which process steps will display more information when clicking on them (and which will not) saves a lot of time and needless clicking.I did browse the knowledge base, but I am not an expert in bizagi, so I hope that I haven't simply missed something.Thanks and Regards,