Virtualized server only works during business hours

I have some tables virtualized in SQL server, but this server only works during business hours, this situation is generating several errors in the event log, is there any configuration I can do to avoid these errors?

sending attachment one of the errors, occur every minute

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Dear Felipe,

The idea of using virtualization is to have a bidirectional updating in real time, Otherwise, you should have a replication in which both entities - remote and local - will update in a specific time.

The complex point is that for virtualization, you require to have master entities instead of replication in which you require to have parameter entities.

For further information:

  • Virtualization

Data Virtualization in Bizagi is a data-level integration mechanism that allows the Process data model to connect to external data sources, as described at Connecting to external data sources.

With Data Virtualization, Processes in Bizagi can access information stored across multiple data sources (RDBMS, XMLs etc.), and present it as part of the business information.

Integration is done transparently for end users in execution time (information is synchronized in run-time), and the information of a virtual entity is viewed and updated throughout the course of Activities in Processes.

  • Replication

Data Replication in Bizagi is a data-level integration mechanism which allows connecting the Process data model to external data sources.

Make sure you have read the Connecting to external data sources introduction.

With Data Replication, Bizagi synchronizes its entities with the external data source's information periodically (as a scheduled task) and so keep an updated copy of the information stored in the external table.