Virtualization : How to avoid auto update of data in Entities


Did the virtualization between Bizagi table and external data source (here used SQL).

For example taken Department table (Department ID, Name, DepartmentGroupName). The Data Virtualization Entity and attribute were created without any issues.

Am using the Department as part of the search in Bizagi form based o\in DepartmentID. The search retrieves the right record from External Database and displays in the form (which eventually saved to Bizagi Database).

Here I face an issue when I got to Modules (Expert in Bizagi 11) view, and go to Enitites --> Master --> Department --> Values, then it pulls all the records from External Database to Bizagi Database.

Is this can be controlled?



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Dear Neelakandan,

The modus operandi of Virtualization is to update data in real time from external entities to local entities or from local entities to external entities.

Integration is done transparently for end users in execution time (information is synchronized in run-time), and the information of a virtual entity is viewed and updated throughout the course of Activities in Processes.

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