Viewing process attributes at runtime

Is there a way to view process attributes dynamically at runtime?

I have attributes that are not shown to the user, which would be handy to view at runtime in a debug manner, without having to create query/form. In fact, I tried with a query but there was no obvious way to build an attribute on the query for the sub-process.


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Dear Kyle,

During the development stages of a project, or in the Production environment, there are situations where errors need to be traced, or debugged.

Bizagi offers the possibility to trace errors in the Processes workflows (to control and diagnose potential errors) so that administrators can ascertain if the business rules, validations, interfaces invocations, or the Process itself needs to be modified.

This is a powerful functionality for Business Rules in particular to aid in the understanding and detection of those behaviors that require adjustment.
To enable the debug and trace feature, please refer to Error and Control diagnostics.

Traces are built using the trace function. The syntax of the function is:

  1. CHelper.trace("FileName","Trace text" + Attribute/Variable)

For further information: