Viewing case details (mainly after completion)

We have a process where we record a dispute of information.

It is likley that once completed a member of staff may have to review the case, and see what was entered and what notes were attached.

I have created a query after looking at the Wiki article for reports (query forms).I can now return all cases for a given person.

Once I click on a partcular case it returns the activity log, which really does not give the detail I am after.

My issue is:

Is there a way of constructing a summary form (display only) to list vital information and all notes created and anything that has been attached to the case from a query ?

The main reason is to review cases, (sample check) or to find information about a historical case.

Thanks in hope


Dear Guy,

You may use summary or global forms so that your closed cases can show their information (as read only).

You can define these forms in the same way you build any other form, so that you can select which information is to be displayed.

Best regards,


This is excellent, and exactly what I was after.

Thank you.