Urgent topic: I can't open tickets (Professional Subscription)


Good afternoon.

I am a subscriber of the Bizagi Modeler. I have a professional license.

I am trying to open a ticket but on the support page, I see the message: "In order to create tickets one of our products must be active and you need to have the support role." Then, I did follow the instructions and went to the "User Administration Portal" and I checked that my user is active and with the support contact role assigned. Yet, I can't open a ticket.

Can anyone from the support team contact me? This is urgent for me.

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Hello support team:

I am a subscriber that is not able to open tickets and I have a case to report. So far, no one got in contact with me.

Could someone from support talk to me?




Dear Ethienni Martins,

We have been working to solve some access issues to our support platforms. Please let us know if you were finally able to raise a ticket or if the problem persisted. Also, let us know if your license is associated with a company support matters.

Best regards.