Unalterable Parametric entities in the Work Portal

The portal work, the management of the entities, only 06 entities appear to be registered its values.

Already checked "Manage values in production environment only," however, there are no changes in the Work Portal.

I auditioned checking and unchecking the "Manage values in production environment only" and the job portal remains intact. (notice in Annexes)


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Dear Paulo,

By default, Parameter entities start off as Manageable in development environment (if you do not carry out any action when creating entities).

As a best practice, you should define this property whenever a new Parameter entity is created and review it before deploying to production.

To configure this, notice the the entity creation wizard for Parameter entities only, shows the Manage values in Production environmentcheckbox located at the bottom of the window.

By default, the checkbox is not ticked so it is recommended to review and think over if your need to allow this entity to be manageable in the production environment:


For an existing Parameter entity (if you skipped the initial configuration or to modify it), this property can be reviewed through the Modules View.

Once there, select the Entities module, right-click the given entity and choose the Advanced Properties option.

Under the Instances tab, you can locate checkbox to mark or leave unmarked correspondingly.


For further information:

Best Regards