Unable to render search control. Relation not found.

I have two

master entities, “Batch Record”

and “Media Catalog”. The entities are related by the related attribute relationship. A

“Batch Record” form uses a “Media Catalog” search form. When I start a process, I receive this error:

Error Type: BaseException
Error Message: Unable to process
control: c5459243-3a4d-4bc5-9198-c7570c7a2539. Control type: Search. Unable to
process property: XPATH. Relation not found.

Is the relationship invalid? What could be causing this?

Please see the data model and form in the attached file.

Many thanks!

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Dear Yann,

It should work according what you need. Please check again step by step using this article:

If the problem continues, please send us your Bizagi version.