Unable to process the case: Invalid column 'FinalEnt"

Dear Juan,

I'm Using Bizagi Version 11 and I'm getting an Error when I click the "Next" Button.

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Dear Nkosinathi,

Please take a look at the expressions executed at this point of the process, and verify the existence of the column 'finalEnt' in the respective entity.

If there's no problem with this, then check the correctness of the syntaxis of the parameters' functions used in the expression.


Support Team



I encountered this problem as well and I think I have the cause figured out.

When you create a new empty project, Bizagi will automatically create a number of system tables in the background during project creation. Some of these tables have rather common and generic names, like "TASK" and "JOB". This problem arises if you later try to create an entity with the same name as one of these system tables. Bizagi then needs to create a new table in the database for your entity, and will attempt to create one with the same name as your entity, but if your entity's name is the same as one of the previously existing system tables, this table creation will silently fail. Your entity will look like it's been created and everything might seem fine, but when you try executing your process you will encounter these weird non-existing column failures, because Bizagi tries to look for columns that belong in an entity table in one of its system tables instead.

The simple solution is to make sure none of your entities have the same name as any as Bizagi's precreated system tables. You can see the names of all those tables by exploring the database of a freshly created Bizagi project using SQL Server Management Studio. As long as you make sure no naming conflicts occur between your own entities and Bizagi's system tables, you should be safe from this problem.

Suggest Bizagi Q&A take a closer look at this issue. It seems like it might be a common pitfall and shouldn't take a great deal of effort to fix - for example by forbidding users from creating entities with certain "reserved words" as names, just like entity column names work in Bizagi right now.


Dear Ludvig,

Thanks so much for your priceless feedback. It has been communicated within our team and we have no doubt that this information will help us to improve our product capabilities.

Best regards.