Unable to execute Query form for Master Entity on Virtualized View

But when I make a Query Form to the Master Entity Virtualized to an external View, it will not execute in the Work Portal. First of all in the Work Portal 'Queries' drop down, I see Other Entities, then a selection called 'DisplayName' instead of the Master Entity name. Then under 'DisplayName' I do see my query form, but when I select it, I get the 9 square grid status icon refreshing indefinitely. After many minutes I have to just kill the browser. Has anyone successfully executed query forms to a master entity defined on a virtualized View (not Table, but View - on a table works fine)?

Thanks - Jeff Puuri

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I have found a solution for this previously reported issue. In the SQL Server database, the View name has underscore characters in it. Once I had the View rebuilt so the name of the View in Sql Server has all underscores removed, in fact only using alpha characters, then I go back into Bizagi and re-create my Virtualized Master Entity to the newly renamed View, then make a query form on the rebuild Master Entity, I am now seeing the Query show up in the Queries drop down as expected, and it does not not hang when trying to invoke, and it executes queries as expected. Lesson learned was beware of underscore characters in the View name of the underlying database.