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Timer Event, next time run is wrong


I have a problem with a timer event, I put the duration time by one minute but when I go to Bizagi managment console it says the next time run is one day after.

Sorry for my bad english

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Dear Joao

In order to follow up this case, please lets us know further details about the working time squema you´re using.

best regards

Luis Emilio


Hi I am using version 9.1.9 2011.

I am desperate for having a solution. Examples which I found are not showing expression solutions.

To test a simular problem I created a simple flow with two tasks and in between a timer.

First Task has a form which sets a Startdate in a field

Expression On Exit

<MASTER.Started> = DateTime(Now)

In this timer I have done several trials.

Expression On Enter

Me.Duration = 1 // tried 2, 5 and 10 minutes.

//Me.TimerEventDuration = CHelper.resolveVocabulary(Me,"CountDown"); //integer

//and also

//Me.Duration = CHelper.resolveVocabulary(Me,"CountDown");

Expression On Exit

<MASTER.Ended> = DateTime(Now) // like to know the time aswell

Even I removed On Exit and done the same in On Enter of the next Task which contains a form with te StartDate and EndDate (Fileds called Started/Ended)

These are set through Expressions

Showing the graphic analysis the STEP ends in the timer and stays there for how long!

None what so ever seems to work.

My final goal is to use the timer with a calculated day and time to start the next TASK (sending a reminder mail)

Regards Henck


I am facing same issue. It seems this is a bug in the latest release of Bizagi 11.1.