Throw validation errors are throwing the user out of the case


On one of the forms I have 3 items which throw different validation errors if certain criteria are not met. They are working as expected and error messages are displaying correctly.

The problem comes when the user then tries to correct the required field or edit a collection on the form to provide the information that the error message asked for. When they do this, an 'Idle timer expired, please reload Bizagi work portal' message appears an the portal reloads itself back to the inbox. The user then has to go back into the case to correct the information before proceeding.

Do you know how to stop this reload happening as it is not a good user experience



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Dear Amber,

In order to help you with this issue, please provide us with some screen shots of your form, the validation expression and the error message.

We look for ward to hear from you.

Best Regards


close request please. I raised a ticket and have been sent a new release to resolve the issue