The User must be an administrator to create a project?

When users log into the workstations in our labs and classrooms they are equipped with "Power User" access.

This presents a problem when they try to run Bigazi.

When they try to create a project they get the following error:

"The User must be an administrator to create a project"

Is there anyway around this?


Dear Rmusick,

Creating a new project requires administrator's priviledges in order to carry out several routines (such as creating the web site, the database, etc).

This is a current requirement in Bizagi projects.

We kindly suggest that the working project is already created for your users to log in and work on them at the workstations.

Best regards,


Hello Rmusick,

what about using Bizagi within a VM? Should be perfect for a learning environment : you avoid giving admin rights of the real machine and resetting the environment comes down to a simple copy process.

I am using Bizagi for testing purposes within a VM and it's working just fine.




Thanks, We going the Vm route.