TFS authentication

Hello BIZAGI Team,

I am trying to integrate MICROSOFT's TFS (REST API) and BIZAGI. Right now, I am having some troubles with the authentication mechanisms provided by BIZAGI STUDIO.

- Can I use NTLM Authentication?

- How can I use the assignee's credentials as credentials for the TFS API?

- Can you provide a tutorial/example/step-by-step of how this integration can be done?

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Dear Luis,

The NTLM authentication can be done by the configuration in the interface system where the user and the password are inserted. Unfortunately, it can not be authenticated using the user assigned to the task. For further information:

Its support allows you to skip an intermediate Bizagi login page.

  • HTTP Negotiate authentication.
  • NT Authentication.
  • NTLM Authentication.
  • Domain authentication.
  • Windows NT Challenge/Response Authentication.

It is to bear in mind that version 11 solves this problem through the topic of connectors. Fir further information:

If it is not enough to resolve your issue, You need to consider to create a component library which would not be very difficult to implement, but care should be taken with the security issue. For further information:

Best Regards