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I am using V11.1 of Bizagi Studio. I am working on process and before I imported it to the project, I made it in Bizagi Modeler. In Bizagi Modeler there is no restriction about a task name length, but in Studio there is. It is a problem because when I import the process it cuts the tasks name. I know the point is to make it more objective, but in my language (which is the language I am using to model) words are naturally long, so this character limit is very restrictive. I hope in the future versions this can be considered.

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Lorena Botelho

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Dear Lorena

Thank you for your suggestion. Our product team will review and may prioritize if for development in future releases.

Bizagi offers "Name" and "Display Name" for Tasks. The "Display Name" is slightly longer than Name.

Please refer to following article for more details: