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Table visibility expression on Action and Validations not working on change of Combo


I have a parameter entity with "Name" and "IsApprovalRequired" (bool) attributes. I am using this parameter as combo box on the reusable form. My requirement is, when user selects any value from the combo and the value is having Boolean filed as "true" then I need to show the Approvers table on the form. I have written table visibility expression "when boolean value is true" and on actions and validation, refreshing the table when combo changes. this is not working when I enter first time into the form. Once I save the form it is working fine.

And when I place the parameter Boolean field on the form (filed should be visible and editable then only it works) it works fine. Is there any way to solve this without setting "Submit on change" to true ?

Please assist me on this.


Balakrishnaiah B.

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Dear Balakrishna,

You may upgrade your current version (if you are using 11 version) and proceed to implement "refresh" option at the moment to use: Action and validations. Please use this link to download the version:

For further information: