Support for large database objects

I'm in the midst of prototyping a process built around the ingest of large documents into a SQLServer database. I see now that the Data Modeler does not provide support for relevant datatypes, namely varbinary.

What's the status of support for storage of binary objects in a modeled database? My particular need is for image files (JPEG, GIF, TIFF), PDF files, and Word processing files. Obviously this could be worked around, but I'd rather have objects be "first class" objects within Bizagi.

If no plans to add support, are there "best practice" work arounds that create the most flexibility within the Bizagi toolkit?


Dear Rhbourdeau,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

Bizagi handles these kind of files (both images: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or documents: PDF, DOC).

This is done through the use of file type attibutes in the data model (

Notice that Bizagi handles the files internally, and therefore the mentioned database data types are not found directly in Bizagi's database (if that is where you are looking for them).

File type attributes can be stored in an ECM (Document Management System) or in a file server.

Off course, when working with large files (>4MB), take into account that there are some settings to be edited both in Bizagi and in your web server (the IIS).

This is so because by default and as a security measure, uploading large files is restricted, as this could be employed for service attacks.

We recommend you taking a look at this article, which may guide and clarify how you can work with business documents (or files) in a Bizagi process:

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Bizagi BPM Suite Support.