Under Consideration

Suite, Work Portal, Localization, Attributes

The data entry screen within Suite, that allows us to see all the attributes, display name, name, and localizations.

There is a serious omission here that makes this tool only 80% useful, and that is context.

The parent of the attribute is omitted, yet this is a vital piece of information.

A system will have different localizations of the same attribute name for different entities. Since the entity name is omitted, when we sort by attribute name, we can have dozens of identical attribute names that belong to different entities, but we don't know which one is which.

Example, two entities called Customer and Employee, and both have an attribute called <sName>. If the display name is "Name" but we want to display in the form "Customer Name" and "Employee Name", localized to two different languages, we are not shown the context - which <sName> belongs to the Customer entity.