suggest drop-down with images and other data


I'm using Bizagi 10.7.

I have a requirement as which looks something like the below

I need to search with possible four attributes and dropdown values should be like above example.

Is there any possibility with version 10.7

Thanks in Advance.

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Dear Seennivasagan,

Regarding your request, it is not possible using Bizagi Form Controls. However, it can be implemented through Widgets. For more sophisticated scenarios in which you require to customize the user interfaces and use extended functionality (i.e., display a statistics chart, use a Google map, integrate webcams, scanners or other peripheral devices, and anything else not considered in the comprehensive set of controls), you have the possibility to include Widgets in your Bizagi Forms.

For further information:



Thanks Juan for the response.

But why these type of common widgets not available in bizagi website.

By adding this UI for suggest option would be elegant and it might be liked by businesses too.