Simulation doesn't work


You've published Release notes to latest version of Modeler:

Important: Simulation is now part of the premium features. Only users in Professional, Workgroup (Trial included) and Enterprise can use this functionality. Why do we have this change? Bizagi Modeler offers simulation using a simulation Engine called L-SIM from Lanner ( In the past they provided the component for free, but now Lanner is charging Bizagi for distributing this component. Thus, Bizagi is moving the simulation capabilities to the paid tier of Modeler Services.

I have Workgroup subscription, BUT I can't use simulation. When I tried to do so the application went to page where I should choose Enterprise subscription.

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Dear Andrey,

Our product team has implement a solution on Modeler Services. Please Try again and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you


Thanks, it seems everything is ok now.