Signal equivalent within process case

Maybe I am missing something but I can't find solution which will work the same way as "signal intermediate event" but only within one process case.

Any idea?




Dear Zdenek,

Signal as other Intermediate Events may or may not occur within a process.

Signals are used for sending or receiving general communication within and across Process Levels, inside a single process and between Business Process Diagrams. A BPMN Signal is similar to a signal flare that shot into the sky for anyone who might be interested to notice and then react. Thus, there is a source of the Signal, but no specific intended target.

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Thanks for answer but what I am trying to find is solution which can be used within the Case.

When I use Signal within process, all cases of this process will react on throwen signal.

Imagine process with parallel branches and what I want is to synchronize flow of these independent branches. Ofcourse all within one case of the process.

Regards, Zdenek