Under Consideration

Showing the number of Case Comments posted against a case

We actively use the Case Comments throughout the case's life-cycle. It would be very helpful if there is :

a) a feature to show how many Case Comments have been added against a case. That is, if the number can display on the 'Comments' tab in the left panel.

b) the ability to set focus to the 'Comments' tab and show it as the default view in the left panel.

With thanks,

Odette K.


Would be great to see the comments after the case has been closed.

I was pretty sure I saw this in the summary or global form but I can't do it anymore.


We are also using the case comments feature, and would like to know if we can add this column in the inbox view ( comment as one of the column) and if the Bizagi engine has any capability to highlight the case which has received any new comment

please advise if the above is possible