Show Child Process in Parent Form

Hello Again!.

I have a process that create N child subprocess. The Child Process have a boolean attribute in their process master entity. I do want to show a table in a parent process form that show the result from the suprocess. Something like:

UserAsigned DateProcesed Result

User1 01/01/2015 true

User2 03/01/2015 false

how can i achieve this?

Best Answer

I have no problems creating the subprocess and i can access to parent process data from the child, But i cant access to de child data from the parent.

I already readed all that documentation about subprocess but it never define how to do this.

i must ask again. Is it possible to show child subprocess in a forms grid on parent process?. How can i show childs results in a parent form?.



Dear Joel,

At the moment you create the multiple subprocess, you have needed to select a collection from the project entity. So, you will be able to navigate for the collection from the parent case just using iterate over xpath: iterate_over_xpath.


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Thanks!. I will try.