Under Consideration

Show a specific process after executing stakeholder action

Stakeholders brought a lot of new possibilities, like actions that can be launched from buttons.

These actions, however, don't give the possibility to create a new case the same way we'd do it in the New Case menu. We can indeed create a new case through a script or through the action menus, but the new case won't be shown afterwards.

In our case, we need to create a new quote for a specific client. To do that, we need to provide some information to the process from the get-go. That process usually starts with a start form, which isn't shown here and we need to have our users enter that information later on (something they're not used to). That's the first issue. The second one is our users are getting used to click somewhere and enter information right away. The kind of action the button does at the moment doesn't show that kind of feedback: it's good enough to create new cases for other users, but not for the current user to work on it right away.

Therefore, we really need the possibility for these actions to, at least, replicate the behaviour from the Work Portal when creating a case, whether through the action menu or through a script.