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I have two tables A and B, connected multiple-multiple. In a form I can connect record A with corresponding records B through a search list. How can I show the details of records B to update information

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With bizagi control 'table' or 'record view' you can access them in the next form...


Dear Evert,

The Search List Control allows the end user to relate multiple records of one entity (entity B) to another one (entity A). The control displays ALL the records found in the database of entity B, and the user can select one or many and associate them to entity A. This is done in one direction. That is, Entity A will hold many records of entity B, but not the other way around. Thus, entered records can not be repeated.

To be able to create a Search List control, entity A and entity B must have a Multiple-Multiple relationships with each other.

The Search list displays a text box where the end user types the name of the record to relate and Bizagi displays a list of matches. By default the number of records shown is 20.

As a user types, Bizagi suggests records of entity B that match the text entered, within any place of the record (not only the beginning). i.e. If a user types "wer" and record B holds a record called "Flower", it will display on the list.


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Regarding your last posted comment, yes, you can use tables. For further information: