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Restarting IIS and services without a support ticket

Why do we have access to change values in the management console that require IIS reset before the changes can take effect. It is long winded that each time you change a value you have to log a support ticket to have IIS reset. The support team work well to resolve the issues but it takes a long time to have a small change to take effect on the environment due to the nature of how some of things are designed to work.

My suggestion is to have a way that we can reset IIS ourselves as well as potentially other services in the cloud environment.

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Dear Calvin

We fully appreciate your feedback.

Our Product team will review this idea and consider it for development in future releases accordingly.



Thanks for your comment Rajesh.

Does the following document relate to IIS Reset:


More specifically does the reset of the environment as described here relate to IIS Reset:


What resources or services are reset by following instructions on the above link?