Under Consideration

Remove hyphen linking to additional display attribute if this field is blank


We have a parametric entity with a list of products some of which also have different versions. In our project, it's necessary for the user to select the product from a drop down list so we are displaying both the product name and the version to ensure that they select the correct option.

For the products that do not have a version, there is an unnecessary hyphen present on the selection as per the below list.

Product 1 - Version 1

Product 1- Version 2

Product 2 -

We would like this hyphen to only be visible if the scondary attribute is not blank.




I have same issue has there been any suggestions on this !


You should be able to customize what separates Attribute1 from Attribute2.

There is some inconsistency between drop down list and suggest.

Drop down list separates with hyphen "-".

Suggest separates with comma ",".