Relation not found while trying to create case through SOA

Hi, I am having a little trouble creating a case through SOA. I have succesfully created cases before, but where the underlying entity was quite simple.

In this process my main entities attributes are all related entities. 3 attributes link to the same parameter entity type. The fourth attribute is a master entity, the data for which is created in a seperate process.

For this process all 4 attributes will be picking existing entries from the database, not creating new values within the entities.

When I try to create a case, if I leave the case creation XML blank it works. As soon as I try to add one of the 4 attributes (no matter whether I leave them blank or try to give a value in between the XML tags or try to put the extended XML of the underlying entity (but only the key field) it always gives error message "Error saving XML: XPath = NewEligibility. Relation not found." with error code 789.

Can you please suggest to me where I am going wrong?



I managed to solve this by using the businessKey="Invoice Number '1'" attribute on the XML tag, as shown at

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