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Register project in Bizagi Management Console in Advance Deployment

Hi Bizagi Team,

We have used Advance Deployment method into our Test Environment.

However, the project is not registered in Bizagi Management Console yet. I would like to check how do we register the project (for it to appear in the project selection) in our environment. Is Advanced Deployment suppose to register that already?

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Dear Bill,

No. When you do an one-click deployment, the test project is created and registered in the target server. On another hand, you will need it to create a blank database of Bizagi's model, only the very first time when you actually create the target environment's database.

Otherwise, for incremental deployments, you do not need to use it since you will be deploying changes and new process versions over an existing database.

So, for this case, you need to create a project and use it to deploy to test. Once you create the blank project, it is registered on the server.

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