Predefining a Query: Boss' view


1.I would like to make a very simple query Form for the Boss, that he can only press and that's all. The problem is, that he must check all Client information fields in checkboxes in, to include them in Query.

Can I set this checkboxes already to true?

2. Where can I customize the tables from Prosess BAM, Task BAM? My Boss need to see all overdue prosesses with the attribute projektName. Without this attribute the information in this table has no reason.

The Boss can see only a list with Process(all time the same) and Radication number(no information for him).

He need to see, that the prosess with projektName="Haus N34" has problems, "Haus N56" und so on. What can you recommend me? I think it can be good when in Process Column I can show (Process+variable from Data Model).

Because the Process say not too many, when I have only 1 Process in Application.

3. Is this possible, to see in one table all processes with different phasen.

The Boss want only to see in which phase stay now the process with projectName="Haus 44".

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Irina,

About the specific questions, we reply:

1. The "Add to list" checkboxes cannot be marked by default.

However and according to your requirement, you may save a query form's search so that your Boss needs only to click on it (by clicking on it, the search will be performed again with the selections initially marked).

This saved query may be configured so that is accessed by your Boss and he may even edit the saved query definition.

2. We understand your concern about this view and since customizing this cases' table detail is not currently possible, we will take the reported observations into consideration as an improvement for a future release.

Further detail about the case can be obtained by clicking on the case id.

3. Having the phase show up in your query form results is not currently possible.

You may have the current task in the results instead. In order to include this information, ensure you design your query form using the "Current task" internal render.

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thank you very much. The explanation to the possibility to save a query was very helpful! I know about this function before but I did not know, that this saved query make new search. This is very gut!

Sincerely yours,