Queries Authorization

I have a process running in the production environment, and created several queries have associated to the same roles and groups but only BA Business Administrator may use these consultations which may be occurring?

I've done everything that is informed on this page:

How users that are not BA can access these consultations?



It appears that your case security is set to private, meaning only people who have a task in the process, the case creator and people who are assigned access through an expression can see the cases.

Overview of case security:

If this is the case, you can add the group through an expression to ensure everyone in the group can see the results of the query.

Also, their are different types of queries, Application(Process) and Entity.

Application query, the one typically created takes into consideration case security when ran in the web application. An entity query if set up for "All users" will allow your group to query in the information in a particular table (entity) without any case information.

For example:

We have an process called Bizagi_BPM, with several tables and the main table (entity) named Main. Private security is enabled.

Case creator, User A and User B all have steps in the process, through the application query all three would be able to return query results. However, any other user or group of users outside of these three will not return any results. You can use an expression at the start of the process to add users, or a group of users to ensure they can use the application query.

However, if we setup an entity query, for our table called Main, we can configure various groups, grant access much like you have already and this query will be available in the web application under Other Queries. Anyone with access to this query will be able to return query results only based on attributes on the table along with the ability to analyze the query for further reporting.

Hope this helps,