Publish files to Office 365 SharePoint but NOT viewable

I have a Workgroup Plan for Bizagi Modeler.

My process model gets better and ready for publication on the intranet. We use Office 365 and SharePoint Online (SPO) intranet.

I managed to publish the (html) files to a SharePoint Document Library (so connection works and I can write files to Office 365) however I cannot publish into SPO Sites/Pages.

The created index aspx I cannot open through an embedded / link URL of SPO.

What is wrong in the config/ setup? Did not find anything in the knoweldge base/ community/ google - Am I the only person doing this wrong? Thanks for your help

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Dear Pascal,

Our latest versions were improved attempting to better support the Sharepoint integration with Bizagi. Below, we are attaching the Download URL for both Modeler and Studio and also some useful documentation links about the Sharepoint integration (Modeler, Studio, On-premises, Online, Web Parts, and server configuration). We recommend to carefully review if all the steps for SPO configuration were performed correctly.

Hope this information might result useful for you.

Kind regards.