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Problems when try to put inTest Environment

Hi dear

We were trying to put our first Project in Test Environment, but we couldn´t. We did several test, but we couldn´t fix it. BizAgi shows that the Project had been transfered, but the Web part we cannot access, because it was not fully transfered. For applicantion and database we are using two differents servers.

Important to mention that the user that are trying to run it is a Bizagi Administrator and Server System Administrator in both servers.

Could you help us to run it, please ?

Tks a lot

Marcelo Soder


Dear Marcelo

When you are trying to do the deployment of your project to test enviroment, ¿Have you some error message?

Also Consider to send us to the windows event log (.evtx file) in order to be analyze.

best regards

Luis Emilio