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Problem with Global/Summary forms (not appearing for selection)

Hi again,

when I am trying to add a global or summary form to a process I get an empty selection as shown in the picture.

I read the instructions in ... zard_Forms at least twice. I defined a form (or rather several) directly on the process data entity but the list stays empty. I checked if it has anything to do with the read only state of the controls on the form - but still no change. So I suppose it's a bug.

Maybe you can help me out.

Kind regards



Dear Dirk,

Can you double check if you created this form at the application entity level?

You should be able to see and select from your created forms at this level.

Best regards,



it was my fault.

I defined the forms beneath the according entity, not on the global application level.

Though it is stated in the wiki to create it there it might be helpful to explicitly point out that only the forms defined on application level will be displayed in the global or summary forms drop down list.

Thank you.