Problem in creating my first case of My First Process


I have just tried to build and test-drive My First Process with Bizagi Studio.

I have followed all the steps in the document

All seams OK up untill I login to the portal as Employee and I try to create a new Case.

Clicking on the NEW button I do not see the VacationLeaveRquest Process.

How do I say that Employee has access to this workflow?

By the way I'm not seeing it neither with the Admon user.

There must be a stupid error in my first workshop execution but I can't figure out what it is.... HELP!


Dear Gianmarco,

In order to execute your project, please be sure that IIS is installed correctly: Then, restart the iis using the command iisreset.exe in the CMD windows.

You will be available to enter to the work portal (, then, you need to create users from User Administration:

Finally, in order to take changes, you need to restart again the IIS using iisreset.exe from CMD.



Hi Juan.

I have done

all the above and also tried on both the IIS delivered with the studio

installation and also my local one.

The result

is the same: I login as Employee or Admon and I click on the new button to

create a new case but there is no VacationLeaveRequest case to create.

I looked a

bit in some logs and I don’t see any errors. But I did see one thing that could

be of help:



I login as Admon and go to Admin-> Manage Default AssignationUser and try to

select a specific Application, I just see APP and not the MyFrirstProcess on

(is this normal?)

But if I go

to Reports-> BAM -> WorkinProgress

I see the Process VacationLeaveRequest.

Maybe other

detail I can give you is that while creating the process I did an error at the

start by selecting the intermediate event in the place of the start event. But

this was corrected and all should be OK.

Thanks for

any support



Dear Gianmarco,

In order to best help you to solve this issue, A member of our support team will contact with you.



Dear Gianmarco,

The solution for this case was deleted some elements from users authorization. For further information: