Print details item of a collection


The business need is to print the details form of a collection item, ie, the barcode within "Open detail Form".

1) How would this be possible? The print button is available within a case, but not within the detailed form.

2) Is there a code or function for printing within the expression manager available to create a rule that is executed when clicking a button?

3) Ideally, the user would click one button that executes a rule that a gives a print task that prints the barcodes of all items in the filtered collection.

Business background. This is about a returns proces in which several products are returned. For internal track and trace a barcode is printed per product. This is not about printing attachments or files.

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Dear Justrin,

We recommend to create a document template for each register of the collection. Doing this, you will be able to download and print according your needs. For further information: