Under Consideration

Potential areas for improvement of Business Policy tables

Right now I am working with a very large business policy table. It uses 3 parameter values to determine 4 return attributes. Currently this table has 96 possible permutations. Through my experiences with building this table and working with this table in the production environment for roughly 8 months I have the following recommended improvements.

  1. 1. Add the ability to duplicate rows, having to build each row one attribute at a time makes the build process very tiresome.
  2. 2. Cell entry. Right now in google chrome cell entry for this system requires many clicks and tab does not advance the selector between cells. With 672 cells to populate any improvement to table navigation and entry would be welcomed.
  3. 3. Improve the editing functionality in the inbox. With google chrome is takes a double click to edit a single value and you must hit return to close out the editing of that cell before moving on to edit another cell.
  4. 4. Improve the build functionality. Allow for a developer to write out a table in excel and then map the columns to the policy attributes in the table and import. This means you don't have to build in excel functionality and developers can work in a environment better suited to larger table management.
  5. 5.a. Add the ability to export the table. If the table is editable in production there is currently no way in Bizagi to track the changes and no way to get the new values out of Bizagi for comparison to the original table. This creates an issue specifically if the table is built at the process level. In that case when the process is re-versioned, the new version gets the development values and ignores all production changes requiring someone to determine the differences between two versions of the table. Again, with 672 values this is not a clean process.
  6. OR
  7. 5.b. Add the ability to copy the table values back to development from production. This would reduce environment discrepancies and would make configuring the test environment a much simpler process.

Please let me know if there is anything about the above which I can clarify.