Opening existing project - password?


I have a problem while opening existing project I worked on 3 months ago. Everything was working fine when I finished the project in Bizagi Studio. Few days ago, I came back to that same project and it asks me some kind of password because my account apparently does not belong to Bizagi group even tho I added account to group.

Picture "password.png" appears when I try to open that existing project and asks me for some kind of password. I don't recall setting any kind of password for project. I tried all of the ideas I could think of, but none of them work. When I type in password, "message.png" shows up and I don't know what it means.

Picture "bizagi group.png" proves that I added my user called User to Bizagi group in Computer Managment > Local Users and Groups > Groups > Bizagi.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Dear Petar,

Regarding your question, you can restart Bizagi operation service in order to work correctly. If the problem persist , then you can uninstall it and install it again. Go to "C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\ServerOperationsService" and press uninstall_x64.bat as administrator and then click on install_x64.bat as administrator.

Bear in mind that "User" must belong to Administrator and Bizagi groups. For further information:

Best Regards