Non-English character encoding error when loading from an external application (v11.1.2.2076)

Hi everyone,

I noticed a problem that could be called critical for the end-users.

The SOAP Web services does not correctly encode a string when it is loaded from an external application if the string contains non-English characters. Therefore, unreadable data is written to the database.

This happens in all cases when calling the methods saveEntityAsString, createCaseAsString, saveActivityAsString, performActivityAsString.

The error appeared after upgrading Bizagi Studio version to Bizagi version encodes strings correctly when they are loaded from an external application.

Bizagi Suite updates have been tried on different computers (all of them had Win 10 + MS SQL) as well as on a clean computer without pre-installing previous version of Bizagi. All cases gave the same result.

I should also note the problem with the rollback of the version of Bizagi, which became necessary because of the error above. The only correct sequence of actions when rolling back is not obvious. It was possible to restore operability after numerous unsuccessful attempts.

Hope to your prompt response regarding the non-English characters support of the latest version of Bizagi Suite.

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Dear Bizagi team,

Would somebody say, the issue above is resolved in the last version 11.2 or it is not?


Dear Michael,

It is fixed in our most recent release. We will share with you some specific adjustments in our release notes:

A. Before: when a password has the ‘%’ character, an error is prompted when trying to decode the string containing the password. The special character must be accompanied by a valid hexadecimal value (e.g., 20%) but, this is not always the case.

Now: an exception is thrown, allowing to use the strings without codification when the ‘%’ character is not properly accompanied. If a password is configured as special characters, the behavior is the expected when logging in the Work Portal.

From 11.1.2 versions:

B. When virtualizing entities, Bizagi now avoids using special characters on attribute names to make sure queries work correctly.

C. Improved support for Unicode characters in text fields.

D. Improved Chinese and Special characters support.

For further information about Bizagi Studio release notes please refer to:

Best regards.


Hi Andres,

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately the issue above was not resolved in the last version

The sending of a non-English character message from an external application to the SOAP Web services provides the same wrong result. The message saved by Bizagi Web services in a database are not readable and unusable because of not correct encoding.

The Bizagi upgrade has only be done from version 11.1.0 to 11.2.3 and the error has again appeared like in the original issue above.

Kindly asking you to clarify what was changed in a functionality of the SOAP Web Services after version that is still continuing to provide correct results, and how that change should be processed by an external application.

Probably you'd like to get additional information please inform if something is needed.

Awaiting your prompt response.