"Name" and "Display Name" inconsistencies

It's good that BizAgi has the option to define a name and a display name.

Unfortunately, the use of the Display Name is very onconsistent throughout BizAgi Studio since it shows the internal name in many places (security authorization, mapping, etc.)

It is important to change it and be consistent since it makes the BPM Suite harder to use. In many cases the original internal name and the display name are very different since recreating everything is very costly.

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Dear Jaime,

In order to analyze it, we would like to know where are the places Bizagi displays "Name" instead of "Display Name"

Thank you in advance,


Dear Juan,

I am attaching a document that shows the locations of these inconsistencies.

There could be more... if I find them I will let you know.

  1. Application Entities Attributes
  2. Editing Forms (Data Source, Display Attribute, Aditional Display Attribute, Sort By)
  3. Data Model Window when editing expressions (only scope attribute)
  4. When editing conditional flows with standard expressions (scope attributes and conditions)
  5. Mapping document tempaltes and web services
  6. Viewing related processes of process master entities
  7. Assigning roles and groups y security model

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Dear Jaime,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will solve it in a future release. If you have some more, we will look forward.

Best Regards