Move existing elements into a new container


I have created a form with nested layouts, and now I want to wrap it inside a container (group). Is there a way to mark the layouts (the layout on the highest level) and drag everything into the container or do I have to create the layouts inside the container and move all the single elements?


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Dear Berit,

Please bear in mind the context of each form when you drag and drop nested forms. Remember that each form has its own context. Nested forms are forms created to be reused through a project. You can create a single form with the attributes and properties you need and use it several times, when you want to display the exact same information in several Activities.

When these reusable forms are included within a form they are displayed with a Nested form highlight.

You can create these forms in any entity to obtain the information required. Then, you can drag and drop them into any other form, just like dragging and dropping any control. Since these forms are built in any entity, the entity in which nested forms are built is their context.

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