More environment configurations?


I've tried to find information on how to setup and manage configurations for more environments than the normal, dev, test and production.

I have a requirement to support at least two different test environments, SIT, system test and UAT, user acceptance test in addition to the normal dev and production environments. (even if my project might be able to function with fewer environments the surrounding systems needs more environments and for the bizagi solution to be present)

Since the system has a number of integrations with external systems I need to be able to set different hosts etc for the connectors/systems.

Can I enable more environments in the UI or are there a common/multiple configuration file that I can edit before deploying to these additional environments?

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Dear Henrik,

At this moment, Bizagi only has three environments in your Studio. Bizagi only supports: Development, Test and Production.

Deploying Processes versions to Production should be done always after having deployed them (and tested them) in the Test environment, with the use of the Release Candidate feature.


Deployments done directly from Development to the Production environment (without having a Test environment) are supported and can be carried out in the same manner as performing deployments to Test (with some slight differences in the configuration); however this is not the recommended procedure.

We invite you to use our feedback platform on the ideas space to post your request.

This platform will allow you to share your ideas so that the whole Bizagi BPM Suite community can vote and discuss them. We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.