Modify user's property

I have imported about 4000 users from LDAP and enabled only 10 of them on Bizagi Studio (enabled = true).

The modify user's properties option is not enabled on existing users. Properties can be set only on new users.

I tried both with Bizagi authentication and with LDAP authentication.

I created a new project on the same installation. Having configured LDAD synchronisation the very same way I can't get the users synchronised. This istange has only 5 manualy created users. Again, existing user's properties cant' be changed. I can set user's properties only while creating a new user.

I can't figure out what is disabling the modify user option.

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Dear Andrea,

Regarding this issue, please follow these articles from our help site:

When using LDAP Authentication in Bizagi, credentials entered in the login page (username, password and domain) are sent to an LDAP Server for verification.

Once the server verifies and permits the access, login is successful provided that this user is already created in Bizagi. In this authentication, passwords are never stored in Bizagi.

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