Modelling "generalization - specialization" in Bizagi data modeler?

Is there a way to model something like "generalization - specialization" in Bizagi data modeler? Eg. I have a relation "person" with name, surname, date of birth... And relations student & teacher (which both are persons). So, I would like to inherit (in OOP terminology) all the attributes from person in my student, without redefining it.


Dear Tomislav

Concerning your scenario, you may use the following approach:

1.Create the three different entities:

  • Person (with all general information of a person)
  • Teacher (with only specific information for teachers)
  • Student (with only specific information for students)

2.Create relationships between these entities so that you do not need to redefine attributes.

This means:

  • Relate teacher to person; so that the Teacher entity has 1 reference attribute to the Person Entity.
  • Do the same for student (the Student entity would have 1 reference attribute to the Person Entity).

Then, in execution and when entering information for new teachers or students, you would be storing the information accordingly (e.g. date of birth at Person, and teacher code at Teacher).

best regards

Luis Emilio