model a process where one of paths must be terminated by triggering another path by timer

How to model for execution situation when after triggering by timer I need to perform activity AND kill performed path which started before time trigger (It could be on one of the activites which I cross by red lines)


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Dear Petr

Unfortunately, it's hard to recommend a solution not knowing the details of your process model and what you are trying to accomplish.

However, from what we have understood is that you would like to terminate the activities that you have crossed if it's not completed within a specified amount of time and trigger another path if the timer event has been elapsed.

Bizagi provides an Event Gateway that can be used in such situations. Please refer to following article for details on Event based Gateway:

Please find attached sample model for your reference. In this case if "Task 1" is completed before the timer has elapsed then the path of Timer and "Task 2" will be terminated. However, if "Task 1" is not completed before the timer has elapsed, then the path of "Task 1" will be terminated and "Task 2" will be enabled. Also, you will need to have "End" / "Terminate" events as required for your model.

Hope this help!

Best Regards