Mobility photo capture and naming


the android demo app includes a task called "Register Client and Vehicle Data" which lets the user take a photo with their device and attach it to the task. I have a similar requirement, although with a couple of differences.

First, the user to take a number of photos as determined by a task earlier in the process. The form should be dynamic and show multiple areas with "take a photo" functions for each photo required, depending on how many are required for that particular instance of the task.

Secondly, the app should rename the files when saving them in the database, eg Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg etc. Again, the filename will be specified by the upstream task.

Any suggestions on how to go about this, or pointers to specific training material that might be relevant would be much appreciated.



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Dear Justin,

Regarding this question, you can implement visibility on image controls. For further information:

On the another hand, please send us screenshots of what you are seeing on Android app.