Not a Problem

Method toString(), should be ToString().

In the Wiki documents we read:

"The toString function converts an object to its string representation so that it is suitable for display. Although .NET language uses the function ToString, you should type it as toString in order to ensure compatibility between the Bizagi .NET and JEE version. This should not be an issue."

This call gives a very ambiguous error, and in fact an opposite is true. "ToString()" works perfect.


Dear Adam

What you point about the toString Method is correct, however, let us clarify that the recommendation we make in the documentation is geared to allow the compatibility of the rules for both. Net and for JEE.

The validator uses Bizagi is an aid for users that only validates the expressions for. Net, for this reason if you write a expression for this language, the compiler will validate the rule, and if you use expressions for JEE may show some errors syntax, but it is correct.

Thank you for your contribution, we are working to make validator will work for both JEE and rules. NEt and thus avoid the confusion that can be generated.

best regards

Luis Emilio


Although I have solved my problem, I'm not sure if I have communicated the problem well enough, so I will rephrase:

It is not an validator error, it is a runtime error. If toString() is used in .Net version, validator will be quiet, there will be a critical error during execution of the project, a red box with "function expected" in the browser. If ToString() is used, this will work correctly, and no validator issues are raised neither.If needed I can make a simple proof of concept to show it.